bikeBox24 Motorcycle Garage XL incl. transport

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bikeBox24 Motorcycle Garage XL incl. transport

Do you like to always have your motorcycle close to you? Would you even keep your pride and joy in the living room, given the chance? If so, we've got the next best thing for you right here: the bikeBOX24 motorcycle garage.
This box combines an ingenious design with great looks, and provides optimal protection for your bike or other small vehicle. So you'll never have to worry about snow, hail, rain, gales or UV radiation. Your machine is perfectly safe from all the elements.

The security lock means the bikeBOX24 will stop anyone from touching or even trying to steal your bike. So if you're looking for perfect protection from both the elements and theft, then bikeBOX24 is a great choice.

  • It basically gives you everything you need: security, weather protection, UV resistance, great design, easy care and convenience. Plus the bikeBOX24 is recognised by insurers
  • Shell made of impact-resistant multi-layer plastic (ABS-PMMA)
  • Durable galvanised steel frame
  • Perfect weather and theft protection
  • As convenient as a garage
  • Security lock
  • Ventilation: so it's not a problem to park your motorcycle, or other vehicle, while it's still hot and/or wet
  • UV resistance guaranteed for years
  • Flip-up rear door with telescopic pneumatic springs
  • Waterproofed plywood floor panel
  • Includes Acebikes Steadystand FIX motorcycle front wheel clamp for convenient parking without using a stand
  • No building permit required
  • Can be anchored to the ground
  • 10-year warranty (on UV resistance)
  • Anti-condensation fleece, self-adhesive
  • Metallic silver/anthracite back panel
  • Made in Germany

This multifunctional garage is supplied fully assembled and ready to use as soon as it's in position.

  • Dimensions

Length: Outer 2.95 m/Inner 2.65 m
Width: Outer 1.60 m/Inner 1.25 m
Height: Outer 1.75 m/Inner 1.55 m/Open 3.00 m
Required space 2.75 x 1.50 m (paving/concrete/slabs/grass block paving)
Weight: 180 kg

Important: Your bikeBOX24 must be placed on a level, flat and firm surface, e.g. concrete/paving stones/flagstones, asphalt etc. The following are not suitable: sand, gravel, grit, soil etc.

  • Delivery

Important information on shipping rates:
The bikeBOX24 motorcycle garage is available for delivery only. It cannot be supplied via Louis stores.
Shipping within Germany (excluding islands) and to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (10013384), Austria, France, Denmark (10013455) is included in the price.
We regret that shipment to other countries is not possible at present.
24-hour delivery service is not available.
The bikeBOX24 motorcycle garage is delivered after prior arrangement by telephone. Delivered fully assembled.

Please note:
If the customer cancels their order after delivery and placement, they will be required to pay a flat-rate collection and return delivery charge in full.

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