SO EASY RIDER IS COOL cover with cooling function, horizontal, black

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SO EASY RIDER IS COOL cover with cooling function, horizontal, black

If you want to use your smartphone to navigate during your motorbike tour and use the device as a multimedia centre, you need a take-away like the SO EASY RIDER *IS COOL* bag. It is a holder and protection at the same time, is inserted horizontally and offers enough space for devices up to 6.3". What makes this holder special is that it has built-in fans that protect your smartphone battery from overheating - even in direct sunlight.

A USB charger is also included, which connects to the car battery and supplies power to your phone wirelessly (or wireless + adapter if your device does not support this feature) and to the fan system.

  • horizontally usable SO EASY RIDER *IS COOL bag with built-in ventilation system and premium USB charger
  • compatible with all Smartphones up to 6,3 "(max. size 16,5 x 8,5 cm)
  • the T-SLOT ball is located behind the housing of SO EASY RIDER and allows it to swivel in any direction
  • the articulated arm allows the cover to swivel in any direction the clamping screw designed for use with gloves ensures perfect rigidity of the system
  • the RING MOUNT base is for tubular handlebars. Its rubber ball allows optimal tensioning of the system and limits vibrations. Two soft silicone rings are included with the ring mount. These rings allow the system to be mounted on all existing handlebar diameters
  • the T-FIGHTER bracket is the most universal SO EASY RIDER bracket in the range It can be installed on almost all types of existing handlebars in just a few minutes using the chain locks. T-FIGHTER is also the mounting solution for sports motorbikes and maxi-scooters that normally have complex handlebars.
  • the MIRROR MOUNT base can be fixed to the base of the mirrors in just a few minutes Just unscrew the mirrors, place the base and screw everything tight. The MIRROR MOUNT base is generally used when there is no free space on the handlebars
  • including rain cover in neon yellow with a reflective logo on the side to increase visibility
  • the dual USB charger is a high end device with switch and LED indicator light The first USB port powers the SO EASY RIDER cover (IS COOL or WARM UP) and the second can be used to charge your smartphone
  • integrated, tactile window for operating the built-in telephone
  • specifications: 5V, 2X 2.1A, 12-24V
  • weight: 877 g
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 9.5 x 17.5 x 8.5 cm (with sun visor and mount
  • Scope of delivery:

1 x horizontal SO EASY RIDER *IS COOL* bag
1 x articulated arm
1 x RING MOUNT - mounting base for tubular handlebars
1 x T-FIGHTER MOUNT mounting system ideal for sports motorbikes and scooters
1 x MIRROR MOUNT mounting base for mirror base
1 x rain cover
1 x dual USB charger
1 x power cable

Good to know:

Two powerful fans generate a constant air flow. One fan pumps fresh air into the bag and the second expels the stagnant air.
This keeps your smartphone at the right operating temperature. There is no overheating, even in direct sunlight above 40°C.
In summer, Smartphones attached to the handlebars are exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. These rays accumulate heat and gas in the Smartphone battery. The battery wears out prematurely and can irreparably damage the smartphone's motherboard. The SO EASY RIDER *IS COOL* case ensures that the battery can maintain the correct operating temperature and the phone's lifespan is maintained.

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