MOTUL 300V 4T 15W-60 FL
MOTUL 300V 4T 15W-60 FL
MOTUL 300V 4T 15W-60 FL
MOTUL 300V 4T 15W-60 FL

MOTUL 300V 4T 15W-60 FL


Art. No. 10037944

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Important notes

Motul 300V has a highly specialised formulation designed for racing use. Be sure to read the product description before purchase & use!

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The fully synthetic, high-performance fuel-efficient engine oil Motul 300V 4T Factory Line Off Road 15W-60 with ESTER-Core technology from France. It has been specially developed for peak performance in sophisticated racing engines used in the off-road sector.

The special selection of synthetic esters and the combination with an innovative additive package form an extraordinary synergy in this high-tech lubricant. The result is maximum engine power output without compromising reliability and wear. Particularly well suited also for high-performance 4-stroke engines of modern road motorbikes.


  • Maximum power delivery with optimal reliability and anti-wear protection.
  • Exceeds the current requirements of the JASO and API engine oil classifications.
  • Exceeds the current OEM approval standards
  • Tested for wet clutch compatibility, in accordance with JASO T903 Annex A
  • Very high pressure performance guarantees outstanding lubrication reliability, even in extreme temperature ranges
  • Perfect fast engine response, especially with fast throttle adjustments
  • Improved clutch behaviour enables optimum traction, also in challenging terrain such as sand, snow and mud
  • High viscosity 15W-60 compensates for the entry of unburnt fuel and enables soft shifting at high operating temperatures

Good to know:
Modern engines designed for high performance place special demands on the engine oil.
Motul 300V oils dissolve and absorb combustion residues more quickly, thus accelerating the flow behaviour.
Oil change intervals are shortened and must be adapted to the operating conditions.
Longer idle times with driven oil are not recommended.
Especially with older vehicles that were previously driven exclusively with mineral or semi-synthetic oil with a low API class, the cleaning effect must be taken into account.
Use Motul 300V engine oil at your own risk.

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