Material lexicon

Developed back at the beginning of the 1950s, when it was a promising world-first, makrolon has now become established as an irreplaceable high-tech plastic. Uvex uses Makrolon in the manufacture of motorcycle helmet visors because of its outstanding optical qualities in combination with fracture-resistance and high purity.
MaxFit interior concept
Skeletonised for effective ventilation
Removable headband
Removable head pads
Hand-washable at up to 30°C
For optimal fit and improved ventilation
Glove technology.
Partial bonding of outer shell, membrane (mcTex) and lining (plus insulation, where applicable). The lining is prevented from slipping out, and the glove gives outstanding grip and feel.
Abbreviation for Medium Density Fibreboard, manufactured from wood pulp (preferably softwood), which is pressed and bonded with wood glue. The boards can be veneered, coated or painted.
The fine polyamide (hollow) fibres contain extremely fine silver deposits. Natural silver is bio-active and well tolerated. The silver enclosed in the fibres, which does not come into contact with the skin, has a mild bacteriostatic effect, which remains at full strength after at least 30 washes.
See: Polyamide
See: Lorica
Knitted fibre fleece with breathing properties. Provides fast absorption of body moisture, which is wicked to the outside. The skin therefore remains warm and dry. Clothing and underwear made of microfleece provide an ideal supplement to outer clothing with a climate membrane.
See: Climate membranes
Insulation made from natural carbon fibre with polyester. The material is environmentally friendly and antibacterial. It is highly efficient at wicking away moisture and absorbing perspiration.
Sanded cowhide, treated with wax. Used as a material for shoe uppers.
See: Leather, Cowhide
See: Thermoset plastics
Multifibre combination
See: Thermoset plastics