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The brand is not only famous around the world for car styling. The Nuremberg family business has been setting standards for trendy styles with its innovative and high-quality products ever since 1982 – including in the motorbike scene. From high-quality brake caliper paint and the popular spray film. Style-conscious motorbike fans give their favourite toy a totally individual look with the diverse range of products from

Highlights from

Give your motorbike
a distinctive touch.
Lots of colours!

Rating : 3.23 out of 5


easy handling
easy to remove

Rating : 3.65 out of 5

instead of 24.951

from 19.991

(1 Liter = 49.981)

3D finish
Very stretchy

Rating : 4 out of 5


(1 qm = 119.801)

Optimal protection
Prevents invisible
rust formation

Rating : 3.37 out of 5


(1 qm = 78.731)

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