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Decorative gift ideas with the logo of the legendary tyre-maker

No other tyre manufacturer can lay claim to such a successful record in Formula 1 and America's NASCAR as the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The firm's racing history began back in 1901, when Goodyear first supplied tyres for a race car belonging to Henry Ford. Then, as from 1908, the famous Model T Ford rolled off the conveyor belt sporting Goodyear tyres. To this day, the logo with the winged sandal of Hermes is one of the great icons of brand design, and it adorns the metal signs and other decorative items for garages and workshop.

Highlights from GoodYear

Attractive, high-quality
metal sign from Goodyear
Size: 400x300mm

Rating : 5 out of 5


9-piece set
Large, strong magnets
Incl. gift box


Sturdy metal
with printed design
Dimensions: 23x16x7 cm


Embossed steel
Temperature scale from
-20°C to + 50°C


Superbly crafted
Sturdy, curved glass
front, 31 cm diameter


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