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More revs per life

Mr. King Kerosin was born in a working class neighbourhood in Mannheim, Germany. He lived in the USA and travelled to many events on the rockabilly scene. At night, he never missed a party. In the day, he fine-tuned his hotrod, which he used to take part in races at dragstrips or on salt lakes. In his garage in Bakersfield, California, he came up with the idea of founding his own fashion brand: King Kerosin. And that is where the first T-shirts were actually printed. Whilst retaining the USA location, the King established the European headquarters of the company back in Germany, in Hockenheim. The small insider label has become a popular streetwear brand, whose success now goes way beyond the limits of the rockabilly scene. Under the slogan “more revs per life”, King Kerosin combines the classic rock’n’roll style with current streetwear trends.

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Choice of check style
or blue denim look!
Abrasion-resistant Kevlar


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Casual & Functional
KEVLAR Ausrütung

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