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Engine, transmission and fork oils, additives, cleaning and care products: At PROCYCLE, you’ll find everything your motorbike needs for a long service life. And whether you’re purchasing lubricants or any of our other products, you can be sure of one thing: We exclusively sell high-quality ingredients from renowned German branded manufacturers. But how can PROCYCLE offer its products at such sensationally low prices, you ask? It’s simple, really: At PROCYCLE we consistently refrain from using expensive sponsoring and advertising campaigns, and instead rely on the recommendation of well-known trade magazines and satisfied customers.

Highlights from PROCYCLE

For textile and leather
Also removes odour
Clean, almost like new!


Always have the right
type of cleaning brush
ready to hand.

Rating : 4.71 out of 5


Semi-synthetic, 4T
JASO T 903:2016 MA2

Rating : 4.52 out of 5

from 7.99

Extremely thorough
and efficient. Adheres
to vertical surfaces

Rating : 4.39 out of 5

instead of 8.99

from 6.99

Cost-saving economy set
Lasts an entire season

Rating : 4.74 out of 5

instead of 23.97


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