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For 60 years now, SCHUBERTH has been developing helmets for bikers. This much experience inevitably leaves its traces. In the worlds of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, for example, SCHUBERTH helmets are one the most stable and quietest helmets in the world – thanks to intensive testing in the company’s in-house wind tunnel. Or in the world of technological innovations: The first flip-up helmet with integral sun visor, the first helmet with built-in antenna for the fully integrated communications system – all developed by SCHUBERTH. Likewise, in matters of safety SCHUBERTH is consistently ahead of the game. One example is the Anti-Roll-Off system which, in the event of an accident, positions the helmet on the driver’s head in such a way that ensures better chin and chest protection.

Highlights from Schuberth Helme

Best in test

Premium jet helmet
Integral sun visor

Rating : 3.88 out of 5

instead of 429.00

from 349.00

Sale %

Best in test

Dual-sport helmet
Ultimate comfort
Top features

Rating : 3.08 out of 5

instead of 729.00


Best in test

Race helmet
Premium features
Top aerodynamics

instead of 669.00


An everyman's helmet!
Lightweight, comfortable
Large field of view

Rating : 3 out of 5


Exclusive & on sale

Exclusively from Louis
Popular flip-up helmet
Perfect fit

Rating : 3.39 out of 5

instead of 449.00


Best in test

Great modern design
Very versatile
For sport/touring bikers

Rating : 3.08 out of 5


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