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No other rider has influenced and dominated the world of motorcycle racing in the last 20 years as much as Valentino Rossi with the number 46. On top of nine World Championship titles, Rossi has also carried the title of Honorary Doctor of Communication Sciences since 2005. And rightly so, since Rossi masters the art of psychological warfare against his competitors and also handles the media and his enthralled fans all over the world. Valentino Rossi achieved living legend status long ago. At Louis you will find official merchandise for fans under the label VR46.

Highlights from VR46 racing apparel

VR46 racing apparel

Valentino Rossi for
lady bikers - so he's
always with you!




The motorbike from
Valentino Rossi
1:18 scale


VR46 racing apparel

Versatile, comfortable
Suitable for all
sporting activities


VR46 racing apparel

For a badass look!
The Monster-Shirt of the
Top MotoGP racer



VR46 racing apparel

Inspired by the
YZR-M1 of the
Yamaha works team


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