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Xenolen is raising the bar in motorcycle lighting. Filigree design, high-quality materials and an elegant finish are what define Xenolen’s lighting products. Most of these little works of art are CNC-milled. Because of the high-end workmanship and the innovative design methods employed by the designers and engineers, the lights not only look good but they are also street-legal. So any of these functional light sculptures could adorn your vehicle.

Highlights from Xenolen

High-quality CNC-machined
Xenolen LED turn signal.
Exclusively from Louis.

Rating : 4.16 out of 5


Timelessly elegant
bar-end indicator
with LED technology.

Rating : 4.12 out of 5


Best in test

LED turn signal with
striking design.
Exclusively from Louis!

Rating : 4.44 out of 5


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