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Motorcycle Service Parts
Wearing parts for motorcycles: Greater safety, greater biking fun. A huge choice of wearing parts for motorcycles are available in the Louis Online Shop, from replacement pistons through to spark plugs: Gaskets, batteries, filters, chain and sprocket kits, clutch sets, brake discs and pads, seat covers, engine and chassis parts. In fact, everything, except tyres, that one day has to be replaced on your motorbike, scooter or quad. Do your trusty machine a big favour and give it new parts when it needs them. You're sure to reap the benefit in terms of improved performance, long service and high resale value. The Louis Bike Database shows you which wearing parts are suitable for your machine.

Motorcycle Service Parts

Motorcycle Service Parts


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We recommend

Sale %


We sells the original DID

Rating : 4.11 out of 5

from 34.991


Six times longer life
Very high cranking power

Rating : 3.65 out of 5

instead of 69.991

from 55.991


High-tech spark plugs
Double the service life
Reduced fuel consumption

Rating : 4.31 out of 5

from 8.991

Sale %


No more changing filters!
Improves performance!
Reduces fuel consumption!

Rating : 4.26 out of 5

instead of 49.991

from 39.991

Sale %


Steel-braided brake lines
for the front from German
market leaders TRW/Lucas

Rating : 3.59 out of 5

from 54.991


Sintered metal pads
Test winners from TRW

Rating : 3.81 out of 5

instead of 29.991

from 23.991


Brake discs from the
Supersport World Cham-
pionship, type approved

Rating : 3.92 out of 5

instead of 54.991

from 43.991