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Motorcycle Add-On Parts
Tuning and personalisation: Add-on parts for motorcycles. Unfortunately, mass-produced motorcycles take little account of the individual rider's needs. Customising your motorbike can enhance both your enjoyment and your safety on the road. At Louis, there are lots of ways to make your machine better looking, more practical, sportier and more comfortable to ride: The Chassis & Footrests section includes chassis lowering kits for shorter riders. The Alum. & Chrome range is not just for eye-catching visual tuning, but also offers practical items that make your motorbike easier to use. The exhaust range includes all the big names. Lighting & Electrics offer a huge range of turn signals, headlights, horns and accessories. Handlebars, Grips, Levers, Windshields & Fairings, Centre & Side Stands, Instruments & Accessories, Tank & Engine Crash Bars, and countless mirrors are all there for you to choose from.

Motorcycle Add-On Parts

Motorcycle Add-On Parts


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We recommend

Fabulous design
Extra Wow! factor
In black or chrome

Rating : 4.84 out of 5


E-approval front
and rear
Extremely long life

Rating : 4.94 out of 5

instead of 59.951

from 49.951

Complete exhaust systems
Double-walled manifold
with a diameter of 60 mm

Rating : 4.18 out of 5

from 399.991

Conical design
Aggressive look
Extremely short, E-marked

Rating : 4.16 out of 5

instead of 299.991

from 299.001

Short 36 mm silencer
E-marked, choice of alum,
matt black or carbon

Rating : 4.52 out of 5

from 249.991

Available in blue and
black tint versions
Incl. Univ. Mounting Kit

Rating : 4.13 out of 5

from 19.991

Super-small, yet road
legal! Includes 12 V/21 W
halogen bulb

Rating : 3.62 out of 5


Wind deflector for
windshields. With ABE
tinted or clear

Rating : 3.84 out of 5