The Louis stores

FUNSHOP, MEGAShop and GIGAStore: three concepts – always 100% there for you! Experience outstanding motorcycle-related expertise, specialist advice, ranges and service. In every Louis store.

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A special experience in every store

80 stores in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland, plus an award-winning online shop – this is Europe’s no. 1 in the motorcycle and leisure world. And in every location, Louis welcomes you with the exact same aim of making the time you spend shopping a special experience. Characterised by expertise, friendliness and the justified satisfaction of only offering you the very best for your money.

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The highly personalised experience

In a FUNSHOP, you probably feel the direct connection to the motorbike-mad and dedicated Louis Service team the most clearly. The atmosphere is totally unique. Whether you’re being given advice about helmets, talking shop about screwdriver sizes or ordering an add-on part for collection at short notice, it’s your highly personalised Louis experience.

The great experience

The moment you enter a MEGAShop, you can feel it – this is the world of Louis. With a fine selection of helmets, motorcycle clothing, leisurewear, luggage, equipment and multimedia You will find all the important wear, spare and add-on parts waiting for you behind the equipment counter. The store also looks very inviting thanks to the clear product presentation. Check everything out, try things on and ask for expert advice from the Louis Service team. Customer parking is available out front, so there’s nothing in the way of your next visit. Your local Louis MEGAShop is the place for you. Here, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more besides. And you’ll even have a great shopping experience as well!

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[IMAGE: filialen/gigastore]

The “fantastic” experience

Welcome to the very special experience worlds of all things motorcycling. Treat yourself to a visit to a gigantic Louis GIGAStore. Just so you know, a GIGAStore is what we call a Louis store with a total surface area of approximately 1,500 m² or more. Here, you’ll find the most comprehensive range of products under a single Louis roof – which is sure to be one-of-a-kind in your local area. Discover an inspiringly diverse range of helmets, motorcycle clothing, leisurewear, equipment, luggage and special motorcycle multimedia. The sheer number of wear, spare and add-on parts for your bike is also overwhelming. You will find the dedicated and highly motivated advisors from the Louis Service team everywhere on the very generously sized retail space managed by Europe’s no. 1, just waiting to serve and help you. Special quite zones invite you to relax for a while and enjoy a break from all that shopping. Parking spaces right out front, stretching as far as the eye can see, make for an inviting shopping experience right from the word go. Come and enjoy your local Louis GIGAStore – it’s fantastic!