Material lexicon

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A highly wear-resistant synthetic fleece that is very absorbent, yet fast-drying and retains its shape. Cambrelle is therefore a widely used fabric for shoe linings.
A hard-wearing and strong cotton fabric. This material's durability is the result of its plain weave and high warp density.
Carbon fibre fabric, originally used in space travel, which combines extremely high strength and rigidity (4 times higher tensile strength than the best steel alloy) with very low weight. This gives major advantages when designing highly resilient yet lighter helmet shells. Carbon is also combined with other thermosetting plastics in order to strengthen them.
See: Thermoset plastics
Chin vent
Provides effective ventilation of the visor of a motorcycle helmet, and minimises fogging. The rider is also supplied with fresh air.
Climate membranes
Sold under various brand names (Gore-Tex, Reissa, Tepor, Sympatex, Hipora, Porell, Helsapor, Enprotex, Nibo, Humax, Drygate etc.). Gore-Tex and Sympatex have patent protection. One thing all these membranes have in common is their basic function: exploiting a temperature gradient, perspiration is transported from the inside to the outside, yet wind and rain cannot get in. This effect makes both fabric and leather clothing highly weatherproof, and also very comfortable to wear. The membranes are manufactured from different base materials, depending on the brand, and are made either as a loose "liner", as a laminate (bonded to the outer material), or as a coating on a carrier material. The first product of this kind, the "Gore-Tex" membrane made of Teflon, fulfils its function due to its very fine pores, which allow moisture from the skin to move outwards, but prevent the larger raindrops from moving inwards. Gore-Tex is indeed highly effective, but the patented material comes at a price. All the other membranes consist of polyurethane or polyester, and transport water vapour molecules outwards by means of chemical reactions. Different materials have been adapted to the various applications in the field of motorcycle clothing. All of these climate membranes are sensitive to mechanical damage: if a membrane is pierced, clearly it can no longer provide protection. Damage can also result from the use of inappropriate washing agents. Softeners, including those contained in detergents, damage the membrane irreparably!
ComforMax Classic from DuPont
Newly developed insulation for padded inserts. The multi-layer system permits a high warming effect with extremely light weight. The layer of microfibre material can be minimised while still providing high protection against cold. It is therefore extremely comfortable to wear
ComforMax Premium from DuPont
The newly developed membrane system from DuPont corresponds to a 2-layer technology, whose special feature is its light weight at the same time as guaranteeing warmth, breathability and impermeability to wind and water. The fibres are structured in such a way that air chambers improve the thermal insulation properties so that body temperature is kept comfortable without overheating.
Composite fibre
See: Thermoset plastics
This four-channel fibre from Invista features a large surface area. Coolmax is extremely effective at wicking away moisture and gently cooling. The wearer feels dry, comfortable and fit - particularly in hot weather. The material takes up virtually no odours, can be machined-washed, and dries quickly. Also the helmet industry makes use of the advantages of this material and uses it for the manufacture of helmet interior padding.
Particularly high-quality polyamide fabric from DuPont, manufactured from fibres that have been cut and respun. Significantly more resistant to abrasion than the majority of other nylon materials, and can therefore provide a degree of protection in the event of a fall. Attractive, slightly textured, natural weave appearance. Various fibre thicknesses available (500D is twice as thick as 250D). Special Cordura fabrics cater for particular applications. For example, Powernet-Cordura from Rukka is used to reinforce potential impact points on motorbike clothing, Air-Flow Cordura offers increased breathability. Impregnators give additional protection against soiling and weather.
Ultra-robust blended fabric T420 nylon-6.6-fibres (from INVISTA) and cotton. Cordura denim is four times more abrasion-resistant than cotton denim while still offering the same level of wearer comfort. The material already has a proven track record of many years in the work clothes and military battle dress segment.
Sturdy polyester fabric, ideal for motorcycle clothing. Versatile in use according to the thickness of the material. 600D fabric is highly suitable as an outer material; 1000D or 1680D as material reinforcement at impact points.
The most-used leather for hard-wearing clothing and accessories. High resistance to abrasion. As a smooth leather it is very waterproof. The structure of calfskin is particularly strong and even, and is one of the highest-quality leathers.
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