Material lexicon

Goatskin is a particularly high-quality leather for clothing, as it is very thin, light, windproof and extremely resistant to tearing. This leather is therefore used not only for fine fashion items, but also for highly functional, specialized items of sport and work clothing.
See: Leather
Gore Windstopper
Fabric from Gore with long-term windproofness, combined with breathability, for reliable protection against chilling caused, for instance, by the motorbike airstream or during outdoor activities.
See: Climate membranes
Gore-Tex XCR
Thanks to the innovative, patented Gore-Tex XCR membrane technology, and the optimum selection of materials, the breathability of the Gore-Tex membrane has been increased by 25%. In addition, the new laminate provides a significantly shorter drying time. The moisture that accumulates in the jacket as a result of vigorous physical exercise is transported to the outside about twice as fast. As a result, the sensation of moisture on the skin is greatly reduced, making you feel more comfortable and fitter. This effect can be further optimised by wearing base layer garments.
See: Climate membranes, Gore-Tex
Groove for spectacles
Special cut-outs in the internal lining and in the inner shell of the motorcycle helmet, making it easier to put on spectacles, and improving their seating within the helmet. However, as everybody's head is different, it is possible that the glasses will be in contact with the groove and therefore be lifted off the rider's nose. Vibrations from the road can then result in a shaky image.
See: Thermoset plastics