Material lexicon

Lambskin nappa
Particularly soft, comfortable, smooth leather, therefore most popular in the fashion sector.
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The lead in our starter batteries is the reason for their classification as "containing pollutants". IMPORTANT: Batteries must not be put into domestic waste!
Most traditional, high-quality outer material with cult status for motorcycle clothing and accessories. Unmistakable in its natural, high-quality look, the strong image, ideally suited to both figure-hugging and highly functional designs. The biker's "second skin" still has the edge over any textile material when it comes to safety and resistance to abrasion and tearing. The way the material stretches as the clothing is worn means that leather clothing adapts to the body contours ideally, thus also guaranteeing that protectors fit optimally. Leather clothing should therefore always be bought with a close fit. Impregnation, leather oil and surface coatings guarantee good weather protection and a degree of rainproofing, but unfortunately also limit the breathability. Relatively heavy, but enthusiasts value this as a "quality feature". Looked after properly, it is very durable. Because leather does not itself offer much thermal insulation, the other features of the garment, or the base layers of clothing, must provide some help here.
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Lexan ML
See: Thermoplastic granulates, Lexan
Elastic polyamide knitted fabric, suitable for use in detailing, e.g. on the inside of the elbow, in the groin area and at the back of the knee, for enhanced wearing and riding comfort. Also suitable as an abrasion- and tear-resistant outer material, depending on the fabric weight (in denier) and coating .
Tough, microfibre material, light, flexible and soft, repels water and dirt, weatherproof and easy-care. Has the look of natural leather, and ages attractively like the real thing. Outstanding high-tech base material for sports boots, ideally combining comfort with durability. Wiping with a damp cloth or warm soapy water is all that is needed for maintenance.
Hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant polyamide fabric with a pleasant feel. Depending on the type of weave, the surface texture can be matt, roughened or with a slight shine.
Fabric made of a combination of 3M Scotchlite and an abrasion-resistant textile, similar to "Dynatec Reflex". Flexible, very hard-wearing, long-lasting reflective effect. The strong weave gives a high-quality and sporty look.
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