Material lexicon

Safetec principle
A quiet helmet improves the rider's concentration and awareness.
Safety seam conforming to ISO4916
Good motorcycle clothing should give the wearer the best possible protection in the event of an accident. But when sliding across rough asphalt, an abrasion-resistant outer material only helps if the seams can also withstand this extreme stress. For this reason the safety-relevant seams on many Louis products are manufactured according to the ISO 4916 standard, i.e. with a visible and a hidden seam. The material layers therefore hold together even when the visible seam is worn away.
"Sanitized" refers to a treatment for textile fibres that inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. This has the following advantages: the treatment combats unpleasant odours and keeps the material hygienic for longer. The formation of mould is inhibited, which also reduces the risk of fungal skin infections. Treated products should only be washed by hand at 30°C using pH-neutral soap, then rinsed with cold water (do not wring) and dried at room temperature.
Scotchgard 3M Innovation
The ScotchgardTM protector is a treatment to enhance fibres and leather. Our leather products treated with Scotchgard repel oil, water and dirt. The natural texture and breathability of the leather are retained.
See: Impregnators
3M Scotchlite consists of a large number of microscopically small, reflective glass beads. The reflective material is visible from a distance of 160 m, which significantly improves the wearer's safety at night. It can be used in visually interesting ways, for instance in the form of emblems or narrow decorative stripes.
Lightweight textile clothing, characterised by elasticity, freedom of movement, relative windproofness and a high breathability. Compared with heavy weatherproof clothing, it is not 100% windproof or waterproof, but is ideal for sports and outdoor activities. Softshell garments are tough on the outside, repel water, maintain a constant body climate and offer freedom of movement.
Elastic material from DuPont, improves wearing comfort.
Special fabric
Various polyamide hollow-fibre weaves, particularly suitable for motorcycle clothing, are covered by this term. They are not only tough and resistant to the weather and to tearing, but also have high abrasion resistance and can therefore offer a certain degree of protection in the event of a fall. These materials are, moreover, less expensive than Cordura.
See: Cordura
Stingray leather
Stingray leather is extremely resistant to abrasion, and is therefore particularly suitable for reinforcing the ball of the thumb and the knuckles of gloves, for example. Stingrays are not subject to the Washington Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
Leather component in motorcycle clothing, designed with "corrugations" and sewn together with elastic material for improved stretch. Noticeably improves comfort, particularly when in a sporting posture.
SuperFabric brand material
SuperFabric brand material is made up of 32% polyester and 68% epoxy resin. This material blend offers optimum comfort due to its great flexibility. It is highly cut-resistant and offers high resistance to friction and wear. SuperFabric brand material is used in particular at potential impact points.
The name for special, two-layer visors for Uvex helmets, made from Makrolon. The outer layer provides high resistance to breakage and scratching, while the inner layer is highly effective in preventing fogging thanks to the thermal barrier that is applied to it. The visors are also anti-static, provide UV protection, and give high-contrast, undistorted vision.
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