Material lexicon

Advanced padding, providing high heat storage and allowing the thickness of the padding to be reduced while, at the same time, remaining highly effective after long service and repeated washing. The cellular structure of the material supports wicking of water vapour to the outside ? it is therefore an ideal supplement to climate membranes, in particular for extra-warm winter clothing.
Variable ratchet fastener
See: Ratchet fastener
Venturi effect
Reduced pressure in the helmet, caused by the airstream flowing over the helmet's extractor (spoiler). The Venturi effect is equivalent to the Bernoulli effect familiar from physics, which was discovered by the Swiss physicist Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782). He found the Bernoulli equation, which is named after him. According to this equation, pressure is reduced when a fluid flows rapidly past an object.
Fibre made by Bermudes, consisting of 60% polypropylene and 40% cotton, for breathable, thermally insulating underwear that wicks moisture away. Antistatic, and with anti-bacterial treatment using Amicor additives, so it takes up virtually no odour. Special flat seams and elastic cuffs mean that the risk of skin irritation from rubbing is avoided. Particularly suitable for medium or hot outside temperatures.