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50 shades of squeal

Written on 05.07.2018 11:02

I bought at Louis a set of front and rear Brembo Sinter pads for my V-strom 650 2015.
I had already 800 km of city/highway rides on these pads. Braking preformance seems to be fine, BUT I have terrible squeals when filtering the traffic. Please note that my calipers are clean like virgin's sweety and discs are almost new. Brembo Sinter give you a perfect feel of cheap disgusting ride particularly when people are all around wathching your squeally banger to stop in traffic.
In fact there are two sorts of sqeal - very high frequency squeal when I slightly touch the front brake and low frequency squeal on complete stopping from 20-25 km. Those terrible pads stop squalling when it rains, that why I add one more star.
Obviosly the product is uncompatible in terms of friction pairs with OEM brake system elements (discs, calipers). It's a great pitty and Brembo should have warned customers about that.
So I have to spend extra money for ordering OEM pads and wait for several weeks more sqealing in the meanwhile.

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