Women's World of Biking

Women's World of Biking

This is where you feel at home 

Of course I ride a motorcycle

Welcome to the world of motorcycles! Where freedom and adventure, fun and sport, fascination and passion are never far away. Become part of it all. Whether you're a cruiser, motocross rider, racer, globetrotter and/or DIY mechanic, come and show yourself – you're not alone!

And even if you are "only" a passenger, if you like to ride along – in the motorcycle world you are what you are, just the way you are. At Louis you will find everything you need for your favourite pastime: clothing, consultation, bike accessories, tips and inspiration. What are you waiting for?

Frauenwelt – Funktionswäsche

Base layers

Frauenwelt – Bekleidung


Frauenwelt – Helm, Handschuhe, Technik


Frauenwelt – Technik


"Riding a motorcycle is far too wonderful to leave to the men."

Women's World of Biking – Find the outfit that suits you and your style

Versatile and feminine

Let our online shop inspire you.
Find the outfit that suits you and your style.

Individual style and expert advice

Motorcycle helmets for women

Motorcycle helmets for women

  • More and more helmet manufacturers are making helmets with colours and designs specifically for women bikers. For you! Louis impresses with a large selection and variety of helmets. Do you love simple, classic, black or white? We've got those too of course!

Tip: Alongside numerous spare parts, for some helmets there are also alternative cheek pads to fit your helmet better. Louis is here for you too of course!

Motorcycle clothing for women

Motorcycle clothing for women

  • Whether you're a rider or passenger, wearing the right gear is always important. Take a look at the large selection of both fashionable and functional motorcycle clothing at Louis. An unrivalled range of brands awaits you. Making sure you always feel comfortable and safe on your motorcycle.
Motorcycle boots for women

Motorcycle boots for women

  • Good protection for your feet is a must. When it comes to style though, you have complete freedom with the comprehensive range of boots at Louis.

Other Topics



Europe's First Female Motorcycle Festival

About 1000 female riders across Europe! Watch our digital event of all cities coming together. Find out more


ALMOTO Motorcycle Travel

Basic training for women

With ALMOTO women rider's training you learn how you keep your vehicle on a safe course in most situations. (German) Find out more

Paulina Sauter

Paulina Sauter

Drives for Louis as a photo driver and works for Triumph Germany. Find out more

Tina Meier

Tina Meier

Stick-With-It Expert

Tina Meier is an experienced, successful instructor. A real "stick-with-it expert", in particular when it comes to group motorcycle riding. (German) Find out more

Choosing a motorcycle - Which is the right machine?

Choosing a motorcycle

Which is the right machine?

Are you still looking for the right vehicle for you? You'll find some useful tips on our pages for entry-level riders. Find out more

She rides


Your Community Motorcycle Magazine

We network female bikers and, through the magazine and podcasts, go full throttle in reporting together on our motorbike adventures. Learn more

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Stay on the bike!

Long gone are the days when lady bikers were regarded as something rather exotic. More than half a million bikes are registered to women. And that number is rising all the time!

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