Spare parts and preventing damage

Spare parts

Motorcycles have one major disadvantage compared to cars: they can fall over.

Experience shows that it happens to everyone sooner or later. Maybe you haven't folded down the side stand fully, or your foot slips on sandy ground when stopping, or you lose your balance while manoeuvring your machine … then a few parts usually get scratched, bent or damaged. Brake and clutch levers, turn signals, rearview mirrors and footrests are the most likely to suffer. At Louis you will find spare parts for many motorcycle models at very reasonable prices.

Spare parts - Brake and clutch levers

Brake and clutch levers

You should not try to straighten a bent lever because they are usually made of cast aluminium and will most likely snap.

Spare parts - Rear view mirror

Rearview mirrors

Rearview mirrors are among the most frequently purchased motorcycle accessories from Louis.


Or you can take preventive measures:
Crash bars or crash pads can greatly reduce the risk of damage if your bike should topple over.
And, most importantly, they protect parts that would cost real money to repair, such as the frame, engine or telescopic forks.

Spare Parts - Crash pad

Crash pad

The unobtrusive protection with sliders made of aluminium or plastic.

Spare Parts - Crash bar

Crash bar

Sturdy tubular steel protects your machine's "vital organs".

Spare Parts - Hand guards

Hand guards

Metal bar and plastic guard protect your bike levers and also your hands..

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