MAGURA HC 3 Clutch Master Cylinder, Black Edition

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MAGURA HC 3 Clutch Master Cylinder, Black Edition

MAGURA RADICAL HC3. A beautifully engineered fitment, and the dream of many a high-end freak.

Radial pump, machined from the billet for fantastic clutch feel. A real professional component for superbikes, supermotos and road sports bikes, which delivers an impressive combination of ergonomics and controllability. The space-saving and technically perfect design offers clear-cut advantages:

  • Optimised lever transmission
  • Direct pressure point for sensitive and powerful clutch operation

The RADIAL HC3 is the first choice for motorcycle racers and professional tuners.

With the latest generation of radial master cylinders, MAGURA has improved clutch control in impressive fashion. The patented and innovative MAGURA HCT (Hard Core Technology) provides the perfect answer to both the demands of professional racers and the comfort and safety expectations of touring bikers.

Reduced internal friction translates into significantly improved clutch performance.

From the high-quality, machined aluminium housing down to the tiniest detail, the HC3 offers nothing but the best components and enhances any motorcycle.

MAGURA HYMEC systems are only suitable for use with mineral oil. Brake fluid sensor fittings are not compatible with these systems - only mineral oil versions can be used for HYMEC applications.


  • Machined aluminium housing - This fitment is made of high-grade aluminium to give great stiffness combined with light weight.
  • 90° radial design - Push-rod and cylinder sit at a 90° angle to the handlebar, which means lower transmission losses and a more direct clutch feel for improved control.
  • Three-way adjustable lever ratio - The adjustable lever ratio with the HC3 master cylinder means that the lever support bolt can be repositioned to give a harder or softer pressure point, which mimics the effect of using a 1 mm larger or smaller piston diameter.
  • Folding lever blade - Reduces the risk of damage in the event of an accident or if your bike falls over, so the clutch will still operate normally.
  • Advanced Seal Technology - This new technology reduces or prevents ingress of air into the hydraulic system in extreme conditions.
  • Reservoir kit - The fitment comes with an external reservoir plus mounting bracket. The compact design means that installation on virtually any motorcycle should be possible. The smoked glass window enables you to check the fluid level at any time.
  • Titanium fastening bolts - Wherever possible, MAGURA has used titanium if this would be advantageous. Titanium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

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