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The right gear: Which outfit for which motorcycle?

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There are as many choices of appropriate protective clothing as there are types of motorcycle.

We have put together six typical outfits and the category of motorcycle for which each of them is particularly suitable. Of course, this is only intended as a general guide. A touring outfit is also fine for riding a supersport bike. (Motorcycle) jeans and a leather jacket are something of a classic, which you can also wear on an enduro. As for modern naked bikes, basically all styles fit the bill, so you can take your pick. Let your personal taste be your guide.

Icon - Supersport bike


For short tours and the race track

Motorcycle clothing
Motorcyclist supersport
Motorcyclist touring bike
Icon - Touring bike

Touring bike

For every day and biking holidays

Motorcycle clothing
icon - Chopper and cruiser


For short trips and relaxed touring

Motorcycle clothing
Motorcyclist chopper and cruiser
Motorcyclist naked bike
Icon - Naked bike

Naked bike

For every day and touring

Motorcycle clothing
Icon - Enduro


For off-road tours

Motorcycle clothing
Motorcyclist enduro
Motorcyclist travel enduro
Icon - Travel enduro

Travel enduro

For every day and (long-distance) travel

Motorcycle clothing


What makes a good motorcycle for beginners? What should newcomers to biking look for when choosing their first motorbike? What are the possible alternatives to your dream machine? Read on for answers to these questions.

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