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Original Buff S.A., inventor of seamless headwear, is a Spanish company based near Barcelona. The idea for the Buff tube scarf came in 1971 during a motorcycle tour. At this time, founder Joan Rojas needed to protect his neck from wind and cold. His makeshift solution – a pair of old military underpants – scratched him and was not exactly a visual highlight. At this, Rojas began to draw up sketches and conduct tests in the family textile factory, until he found a way to produce seamless tube scarves from microfibre. Since 1992, Original Buff has been producing multifunctional headwear and has now become the global market leader. The collection has a clear focus on functionality, quality and design. Original Buff uses only high quality materials and with 400 different designs offers an extremely wide range to suit every taste.

Highlights from Buff

Motive: cashmere black
multifunctional, elastic
and seamless


Ideal for cold
autumn/winter days
Neck made of soft fleece

Rating : 5 out of 5


Multipurpose scarf
complemented by a
windproof neck section

Rating : 4.4 out of 5


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