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Koso indicator kits display everything you need to know about your bike, and then some. Many displays can be individually programmed. And because they look great as well as have all the functions, the tachometers, speedometers and other instruments are ideal for streetfighter conversions, supersport bikes and choppers or as replacements for expensive standard cockpits. Of course, Koso also has all the necessary accessories for your bike such as rearview mirrors and lighting equipment.

Highlights from Koso

Multifunction instrument
with just about every
possible display function

Rating : 3 out of 5

instead of 179.99


Magnetic bolts for
speedos with sensor
M6 and M8


Best in test

LED turn signal with
sporty, elegant

Rating : 4.12 out of 5


Exclusively at Louis

Clock, thermometer and
voltmeter in a small,
discreet housing.

Rating : 3.73 out of 5


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