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If you're looking for a brand that delivers helmets with top functionality and a wide range of features, then MTR is the perfect choice for you. And MTR helmets come with an amazingly low price tag! The MTR range extends from the no-frills entry-level model through to the sporty, super-lightweight carbon helmet. Or would you rather an open-face jet helmet, so you can really look the part when you roll up to the ice cream parlour? At MTR everyone will find their ideal helmet, whether for sports bike, chopper or scooter.

Highlights from MTR

Sports touring helmet
Integral sun visor
Wind defl./breath guard

Rating : 4.34 out of 5


Best in test

Fiberglas jet helmet
Comfort inner lining
Helmet peak

Rating : 4.48 out of 5


Full-face/offroad helmet
Removable peak
Panorama field of view

Rating : 3.94 out of 5

instead of 139.99


Sturdy full-face helmet
Small outer shell
Ideal for women/children

Rating : 5 out of 5


Best in test

Versatile flip-up helmet
Integral sunvisor
Jet & full-face approved

Rating : 3.21 out of 5


Quality full-face helmet
Integral sun visor
Wind defl./breath guard

Rating : 3.26 out of 5


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