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Always a step ahead of the established helmet-makers – that is the declared aim of the experts at ScorpionExo. When you choose this brand, you are not only buying a design or a superbly engineered helmet. Each product from ScorpionExo incorporates a vision that your helmet should be a reliable partner, ensuring your safety and enhancing your everyday biking enjoyment. This vision can be summed up in five words: protection, aesthetics, dynamics, comfort and innovation. Five values on which all this brand's models are based. The range is young, stylish and always cutting edge. The innovative graphic designs come from the creative hotbed that is international extreme motor sport. The technical features owe everything to practical experience – high-quality materials, form and function in perfect symbiosis.

Highlights from Scorpion

Fibreglass jet helmet
2 outer shell sizes
Integral sun visor

Rating : 4.22 out of 5

instead of 169.991


High-tech and comfort
Integral sun visor
Carbon helmet shell!

Rating : 4.11 out of 5

instead of 439.991


Integrated sun visor
extra long visor,
2 helmet shell sizes

Rating : 4.35 out of 5

instead of 149.991


Fantastic look
aggro front section

Rating : 4 out of 5

instead of 229.991


Fantastic look
aggro front section

Rating : 4 out of 5

instead of 269.991


Race helmet from
Scorpion. Fibreglass in 3
outer shell sizes.

Rating : 4.66 out of 5

instead of 399.991


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