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Millions of users in more than 160 countries swear by this amazingly versatile product, and have done for over 60 years now. WD-40 has its very own fan club with over 100,000 members around the world. The brand has become a legend, and has an established place in pop culture. Yet the secret of WD-40 is actually quite simple: The product has so many uses that it is invaluable in almost every situation in life. Wherever anything sticks or squeaks, or machinery of any kind is not functioning as it should. In addition to the established WD-40 SPECIALIST range, comprising individual products for maintenance, repair and general care, the WD 40 Company from the USA now presents the professional WD-40 SPECIALIST Motorbike range, which is specifically tailored for motorcycle care.

Highlights from WD-40

The liquid tool
Sprays twice as perfectly
With 5-fold formula

Rating : 4.7 out of 5

from 6.991

(1 Liter = 23.301)

Penetrates & frees parts
Lubricates & protects
Prevents wear

Rating : 4.62 out of 5


(100 ml = 4.991)

Leaves no residue
Acts at once, 360° valve
Powerful spray


(1 Liter = 9.981)

Products from WD-40

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