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System Tank Bags
Tank bags are amazingly versatile. They can carry heavy loads with a favourable centre of gravity and no significant effect on your machine's handling. At the same time, tank bags serve as a map holder or GPS sat nav mount, and basically ensure that everything you need on the move is close to hand. As an added advantage, a tank bag reduces the wind pressure on your upper body at high speeds. But to do that, of course, it needs to be securely attached to the tank. And because every tank is different, Louis supplies different types of tank bag. Strap-on tank bags are the traditional type, but they are not suitable for many modern motorcycle frames. This is where magnet tank bags come into their own, as they grip the tank and only need additional securing on the steering head. A relatively new, and very convenient, design is the tank bag with a quick-lock system for securing to the tank.


System Tank Bags

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