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Yamaha XJ6 – Louis Special Conversion

Admittedly, the Yamaha XJ6 is a good, honest, everyday motorcycle. But its great agility also makes it ideal for thrilling rides on winding roads. And it's precisely this side of its character that is emphasised by our conversion.

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[IMAGE - Yamaha XJ6]

Yamaha XJ6

Better looking and sprightlier than Honda's CBF 600, the Yamaha XJ6 appeals to the same target group: anyone who is looking for a trusty machine for every day.

Mid-range, but not middling! – Yamaha XJ6

Yamaha's mid-range all-rounder combines economy and liveliness, super everyday riding qualities and a youthful-hippy overall look. A thoroughly re-engineered FZ6 engine with precise gear shifting and a torsionally rigid, finely designed tubular frame add up to a whole lot of biking enjoyment.

[IMAGE - Yamaha XJ6]
[IMAGE - Yamaha XJ6]
[IMAGE - Yamaha XJ6]

More fun for the eyes and ears

If you'd like to make the sporty lines of the XJ6 even more striking, a good place to start is with a seat cowl and rear hugger from Bodystyle plus a somewhat taller windshield from Ermax. Xenolen LED turn signals in a CNC-machined aluminium housing enhance the look further still. A special flasher unit ensures the correct flashing rate. We found the original “canister exhaust” looked rather uncool. Fortunately, there are some fantastic alternatives with EC type approval – e.g. the complete exhaust system with carbon shorty from Shark.

[IMAGE - Yamaha XJ6]

Customised cockpit

A double-butted LSL superbike handlebar gives stability, a superbike look and even lighter handling. The handlebar is easy to install with the requisite LSL clamps, and the original cables are long enough. Our aluminium grips with a rubber pad create the desired customised look as well as being grippy and quick to fit. High-quality Magazi mirrors complete the new cockpit.

An equally easy upgrade is to replace the footrests with classic racing footrests from LSL. TRW/Lucas racing-style brake discs add an eye-catching feature and also deliver improved heat dissipation and outstanding braking performance.

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All parts at a glace

Best in test

Seat cowl
Ready to mount
Now with ABE !!

Rating : 3.72 out of 5

from 59.99

Best in test

High-impact ABS plastic
Ready to mount
Unpainted&vehicle colour

Rating : 3.78 out of 5

from 99.99

Makes sure your LED
turn signals flash
at the right speed

Rating : 4.47 out of 5


sporty cockpitscreen
amazing wind protection
Available in diff colours

Rating : 4.35 out of 5

from 89.99

Give your motorbike
a distinctive touch.
Lots of colours!

Rating : 3.26 out of 5


Sale %

Necessary for installing
LSL footrests. Type-
approved for many models.

Rating : 3.96 out of 5

from 29.95

LED license plate light

Rating : 4.7 out of 5


Sale %

Best in test

High-quality aluminium
Available for many bikes
Optimises h'bar position

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

instead of 79.95

from 69.95

Best in test

Excellent protective
A range of colours

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

from 34.95

Racing design

Rating : 4 out of 5


Best in test

Classic superbike
shape flat in
X-Bar form

Rating : 1 out of 5


Best in test

CNC-milled aluminium
Lightly grey-tinted
mirror glass! E-approved!

Rating : 4 out of 5


Sale %

Best in test

Required for mounting
LSL Crash Pads
Made in Germany

Rating : 3.73 out of 5

instead of 29.95

from 24.95

For license plate holders
Easy installation
High-quality aluminium


High-quality CNC-milled
aluminium grips with
profiled rubber covering

Rating : 4 out of 5


Best in test

So that you always know
when the operating temp.
has been reached

Rating : 2.33 out of 5

from 69.99

Extremely short silencer
Carbon body
(L:36 cm). EC approved

Rating : 4.11 out of 5

instead of 399.99

from 339.99

brake disc. The finest of
high-tech - type approved

Rating : 4.06 out of 5

from 99.99

Sale %

Covers for the 'naked'
turn signal mounts
For many models

Rating : 3.2 out of 5

instead of 7.99

from 3.99

Colour-anodised bar
ends with genuine carbon/
plastic insert

Rating : 4.19 out of 5


Enhance the look
Easy replacement
Sold in pairs

Rating : 3.37 out of 5


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