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Yamaha XV 950 R “Tour” – Louis Special Conversion

The Yamaha XV 950 R offers ample scope for a range of different styles, which is why we are presenting two conversion alternatives for this machine: “Tour” and “City”.

yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion
yamaha xv 950 r bolt

Yamaha XV 950 R “Bolt”

This Yamaha merges various styles, with a design somewhere between a chopper and a bobber. The bike's handling closely resembles that of a classic naked bike.

Quick-change artist – Yamaha XV 950 R

Yamaha has recognised the signs of the times: instead of old dinosaur bikes, slim puristic bikes in bobber and frisco chopper style are now turning heads on the cruiser scene – modern runabouts which are extremely fun to ride and promote an active lifestyle. Adapted for everyday use, with a great capacity for customisation, closely based on the American design, but considerably more cost-effective – yes, that's the new Japanese recipe for success, and the customers love it.

In this “Special”, we show you how to transform the XV into a touring machine ideal for long distances. The second Special demonstrates how you can turn an XV series motorcycle into a customised city cruiser in next to no time (see below).

Both Specials present components which can be combined as desired – let your personal taste be your guide.

yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion
yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion
yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion
yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion
yamaha xv 950 r bolt tour louis special conversion

“Tour” alternative: Travelling in comfort

Take a seat behind the comfortable swept-back LSL Flat Track handlebars – the pleasant seat height is ideal for relaxed travelling. Excellent wind and weather protection is provided by a Puig front lens, while Saito handlebar grips keep your hands warm when the temperature drops and help to maximise your enjoyment of the season.

As nightfall approaches or in foggy weather conditions, auxiliary headlights with a modern or classic design enhance vision and give the front of the bike an impressive appearance when mounted on a Fehling auxiliary headlight holder. The headlights are E-approved; TÜV registration is not necessary. Likewise, the Hepco & Becker sissy bar can be fitted without registration. Pillion riders will appreciate the extra comfort. What's more, a luggage rack can be mounted on the sissy bar, which can be fitted with a spacious Held sissy bar bag, for example. Stylish Highway 1 leather panniers securely attached to pannier spacers make the cruiser suitable for weekend trips and holidays.

Those who use their bike on a daily basis will value the added safety offered by a sturdy Fehling crash bar, while additional Hepco & Becker brackets protect the exposed air filter box and the cylinder head from damage caused by contact with other vehicles.

We have also personalised the appearance of our touring bike – gaiters in typical bobber style on the fork, mirror, LED turn signal and an LSL mudguard set it apart from the standard models.

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All parts at a glace


In two sizes
Classic look
With chrome struts

Rating : 3.83 out of 5

from 109.991


Fehling CRASH BARS for
added safety
coupled with great looks!

Rating : 4.33 out of 5

from 89.991

Sale %


High-polish chrome
In true cruiser style
Made in Germany

Rating : 2.94 out of 5

instead of 54.991

from 39.991

Effectively protect
the fork tubes
Enhance the look

Rating : 3.23 out of 5


Sale %

Hepco & Becker

Perfect styling
Extremely high quality
Made in Germany

Rating : 3.77 out of 5

from 79.951

Hepco & Becker

Enhances the look
High-quality finish
Made in Germany

Rating : 4.44 out of 5

instead of 274.951

from 209.951


Create a distinctive,
eye-catching look.
LED indicator + grille.

Rating : 5 out of 5



Availab. in imperial,with
or without Harley dimple
With ABE

Rating : 5 out of 5

from 69.951

Elegant metal footboards
with chrome finish
Incl. fittings

Rating : 4.25 out of 5


Sale %


High-quality chrome
Attractive styling
Ideale mounting

Rating : 3.76 out of 5

from 19.991


For many models
With type approval
Made in Germany

Rating : 4.26 out of 5

from 89.991

“City” alternative: Cruising through town looking cool

Another Louis Special conversion based on the Yamaha XV 950 R.

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