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Yamaha YZF-R125 – Louis Special Conversion

The YZF-R125 from Yamaha is a thoroughly grown-up motorcycle, in both looks and performance, tailored to younger customers.

[HEADER - Yamaha YZF-R125]
[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]

Yamaha YZF-R125

At last a serious and affordable 125cc supersport bike. When Yamaha first presented the R125 back in 2008, it was given a rapturous reception.

Not just a plaything – Yamaha YZF-R125

With full fairing, twin headlight, Deltabox frame, aluminium swing arm and generously dimensioned 17-inch wheels, this machine turns heads, and not just on the school car park – especially after a little customisation.

[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]
[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]
[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]

The stock plastic rearview mirrors are not exactly a feast for the eyes. If machined aluminium does it for you, then fairing mirrors from Highsider are the perfect answer, and perhaps a pair of sporty aluminium grips with rubber inserts, too. The rather bulky original turn signals also leave room for improvement. Smaller is possible, and still with E type approval! To complete the racing look, we replaced the oversized license plate bracket with an elegant model from Protech, and we've also added a dark fairing windshield from Bodystyle. Sport footrests and an exhaust system from Shark with rather more sound give the perfect finishing touch to the lean sports machine.

[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]
[IMAGE - Yamaha YZF-R125]

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All parts at a glace

Seat cowl
Ready to mount
Now with ABE !!

Rating : 3.77 out of 5

instead of 79.99

from 44.99

Give your motorbike
a distinctive touch.
Lots of colours!

Rating : 3.18 out of 5


Effective protection
Various colours

Rating : 3 out of 5


High-quality aluminium
Adjustable/rotatable stem
E-approved and in pairs!

Rating : 3.64 out of 5


Sale %

Necessary for mounting

Rating : 3.56 out of 5

instead of 29.95

from 24.95

Necessary for installing
LSL footrests. Type-
approved for many models.

Rating : 3.93 out of 5

from 29.95

Small futuristic
LED turn signal with
tinted lens.

Rating : 2.32 out of 5


Enhance the look
Easy replacement

Rating : 4.56 out of 5


Stainless steel
mass: 175 x 187mm
Infinitely adjustable

Rating : 3.85 out of 5

instead of 89.95

from 79.95

High-quality CNC-milled
aluminium grips with
profiled rubber covering

Rating : 4 out of 5


Excellent value for money
Less wind pressure on
helmet. Type approval

Rating : 3.89 out of 5

instead of 64.99

from 44.99

Sale %

Cool sound, extremely
short carbon silencer
(length 36 cm), E-marked

Rating : 3.95 out of 5

instead of 399.99

from 359.99

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