motogadget Analogue Speedometer

Motoscope Classic

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motogadget Analogue Speedometer Motoscope Classic

motogadget motoscope classic speedo:

The motoscope classic speedo from motogadget is an analogue speedometer with many additional digital features in a classic round casing. The analogue speedometer has a white dial and red pointer driven by a precision stepper motor. An LCD and four indicator LEDs display the other functions accurately and reliably.

This compact instrument opens up new styling options for your motorbike. The design is perfect for any conversion or original motorbike, whether classic or modern classic, custom bike or sports bike. High-end materials, final assembly by hand, and scrupulous quality control guarantee top quality in functionality and looks. The casing is made of high-grade aluminium, turned and CNC-machined from solid billet. The surface is black anodised and comes with a choice of black or polished outer ring. The casing is completely watertight. The speedometer glass is made of a scratchproof special plastic. The widely used 80 mm mounting dimension means that original instruments are often very easy to replace.
The readability of the speed is optimal due to the red pointer on the white dial. The innovative all-over background illumination enables maximum utilisation of the dial area. The LCD display is easy to read and illuminated even in direct sunlight.

Black/Black: Black housing/black outer ring
Black/Polished: Black housing/polished outer ring


  • Speedometer (analogue display)
  • Tachometer (digital display)
  • Electrical system voltage 9 V - 18 V
  • Undervoltage warning
  • Air or water temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Time measurement
  • Current acceleration
  • Average speed
  • Max. speed
  • Max. rpm
  • Max. positive acceleration
  • Max. negative acceleration
  • Gear shift indicator (neutral, gears 1-6)
  • Green indicator LED Neutral (N)
  • Yellow indicator LED Turn signal left/right
  • Blue indicator LED High beam
  • Red warning LED Various warning functions
  • Output for external gearshift indicator


  • Instrument with approx. 55 cm connection cable
  • Complete plug-in connector
  • Fuse
  • Speedometer sensor M5 x 0.5 (fine thread) with 150 cm connection cable
  • 2 magnets
  • Mini push button
  • 3 x M4 bolts (stainless steel)
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions

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