REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01
REKURV C-11.01

Rekurv C-11.01 Leather Combi Jacket

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Rekurv C-11.01 Leather Combi Jacket

You love speed. Your motorcycle is all about speed. And speed is what you get - also to wear. The mega-sporty REKURV *C-11.01* motorcycle leather jacket is fully geared to life in the fast lane. You don’t just speed along the road in this jacket - it carries you along, flying from one bend to the next! In fact, every detail is designed to support and enhance the ride, like the impressive mix of cowhide and stretch material, for example. The perforations at the front and rear are a great feature that ensures optimum air circulation. The "full automatic front" zipper deserves special mention. It "snaps" back automatically to prevent ""flapping"" in the headwind. And then there’s the tapered cuffs, with "semi auto-lock" zippers. The REKURV *C-11.01* is a really cool jacket!


  • Stretch material on the arms and neck (93% polyamide, 7% elastane)
  • Tapered sleeves give enhanced comfort when wearing gloves
  • Perforations on the front and back
  • Soft collar edge
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Short and all-round connection zippers
  • 1 inside pocket + 1 document pocket

  • Removable 4SEVN shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Double layer of leather on the shoulders and elbows
  • Elbow protectors are height-adjustable
  • Reflective piping
  • ISO 4916 safety seams at the impact points
  • Optional: SUPER SHIELD HTP Back Protector (218841) can be retrofitted*
  • Sturdy cowhide, at least 1.0 - 1.2 mm thick
  • Mesh lining, 100% polyester

* Find the right size of protector for you in the table


Product details

  • removable protectors: Shoulder and elbow according to EN: 1621-1:2012, Level 2
  • non waterproof outside pockets: close-fitting
  • Class: AA
  • Certification: EN 17092:2020
  • Country of manufacture: Vietnam
  • Reflective material: Reflective piping
  • width adjustment: Hem
  • protector pockets prepared for: Back protector
  • additional feature: None
  • removable lining: None
  • permanent lining: 100% Polyester mesh lining
  • membrane: None
  • reinforcement: Double layer on shoulders and elbows
  • outer shell: Cowhide

Overview of product features

  • Height-adjustable elbow protector
  • Stretchable applications
  • All-round connecting zipper
  • Short connecting zipper
  • Inside pocket(s)
  • Pocket for documents
  • Comfort collar with soft edge
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