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BMW R 1200 GS LC – Louis Special Conversion

The Louis conversion is capable of making even the best R 1200 GS of all time more unique and even better for touring.

bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs lc

BMW R 1200 GS LC

The success story enters a new chapter. The R 1200 GS now features liquid cooling (LC) and 125 hp.

Boxer champion – BMW R 1200 GS LC (2013-)

Germany's favourite adventure bike is a style icon and the undisputed champion of the registration statistics. Now featuring a liquid-cooled boxer engine, it's better than ever. It has become more rev-happy and the handling more direct. The chassis is more precise, more stable and more responsive than its predecessor. The strengths of the GS are best experienced on the "grand tour". Riders who want to prepare optimally for this will want to invest in one or two accessories.


Real aluminium cases are the best partner for a BMW, and need to be both spacious and sturdy. A system from Hepco & Becker meets the toughest requirements and offers a wide range of accessories, such as inside pockets, a top box rail and a back cushion for the passenger. Back home, the Lock-It rack can be removed easily to make the bike ready for city riding again. For stowing away smaller luggage, there's the QUICK-LOCK tank bag that's perfectly adjusted to the shape of the fuel tank. The bag can be simply clicked onto the tank ring adapter, saving you the bother of straps or magnets. The electrified version also includes a cable connection for media devices.

bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion


What would a touring enduro be without a GPS sat nav? These wonderful gadgets take the fear out of negotiating unfamiliar cities, make getting from A to B a joy by helping you to find the most scenic routes, and are invaluable when it comes to arriving on time. We decided on the intuitive TomTom device and combined it with a SW-MOTECH mount placed behind the windshield to make it easy to read.


Anyone who does a lot of touring with their motorcycle will know the dangers posed by poor visibility, difficult terrain or fog. A clearer view can be just a touch of a button away, for example with auxiliary headlights from SW-MOTECH. The bike can be prepared for some other hazards on the road with guards for the tank, engine, headlights, radiator, brake pump, hydraulic reservoir and axles (SW-MOTECH). Extended hand guards also keep the airstream away from your hands, whilst simultaneously boosting the effect of the stock heated grips. A small but effective feature is the enlarged SW-MOTECH sidestand foot, which makes the bike more stable when parked on unpaved ground, especially with the extra weight of luggage.

bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion
bmw r 1200 gs lc louis special conversion

Ergonomics and aerodynamics

A slightly raised, highly aerodynamic V-Stream windshield diverts the airstream from the rider more effectively – an important factor when tackling long journeys. An adjustable gearshift and larger, adjustable footrests from SW-MOTECH raise the comfort level up a notch.

Design, looks, acoustics

A couple of stylish accessories can make even a functional touring bike look more individual, and make riding it more enjoyable. Finely machined covers from Boxer Design, for example, are just as good a match for the character of the GS as modern small aluminium LED turn signals. Although these need to be fitted with spacers, they can be used with the original flasher unit without the need for resistors. Mirror adapters with M10 x 1.5 mm right-hand thread allow you to fit a range of attractive auxiliary mirrors to the BMW. A Puig rear hugger gives a sportier look, with a perfectly attuned, premium MIVV-Suono silencer providing the bassy sound.

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All parts at a glace

Sale %

Detailed technical back-
ground and high-quality
illustrations. 248 pages

Rating : 3.66 out of 5


Protects against loss
and external influences
Brushed aluminium

Rating : 5 out of 5

from 24.95

High-strength aluminium
For various models
Increased protection

Rating : 5 out of 5

from 29.95

Shaply designed from
abrasionresistant plastic
Easy to install

Rating : 5 out of 5

from 49.95

Additional eye-catcher
for an even better look
CNC machined from alu

Rating : 2 out of 5

from 49.95

frame hole caps
made of aluminium!

Rating : 1 out of 5


For greater comfort
Easy to install
Top quality

Rating : 3 out of 5


Hepco & Becker Aluminium
luggage rack for topcases
and bags

Rating : 3.46 out of 5

from 82.95

For easy securing
of luggage on the
Xplorer Top Box lid


Fast mounting/dismounting
sidecase-carrier system

Rating : 3.18 out of 5

instead of 249.95

from 219.95

Extremely rugged
Anodised aluminium
High-impact plastic

Rating : 4 out of 5

from 319.00

Extremely rugged
Anodised aluminium
High-impact plastic

Rating : 2.72 out of 5

from 329.00

Optimal use of
stowage space, quick
and easy to attach

Rating : 3.33 out of 5


Headlight mounting
for vehicle-specific
mounting points

Rating : 5 out of 5

instead of 44.95

from 34.95

Sale %

High-quality CNC-machined
Xenolen LED turn signal.
Exclusively from Louis.

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

instead of 39.99


Suitable for all magazi-
mirrors to mount on many

Rating : 1 out of 5


Intelligent styling.
combination, E-approved!

Rating : 4.3 out of 5


Sale %

Black stainl-steel sleeve
Carbon end cap
High-tech with E-mark

Rating : 4.21 out of 5

instead of 565.00

from 349.99

Specially developed for
BMW or Triumph

Rating : 3.77 out of 5

from 189.99

Model-specific, vibra-
tion-dampened, quick-
release sat nav holder

Rating : 3.82 out of 5

from 44.95

Enhanced, now fits
perfectly on other
sloping tank shapes

Rating : 3.76 out of 5

from 189.95

Practical, innovative
and easy to use
Available for many bikes

Rating : 4.22 out of 5

from 29.95

Aluminium CNC machined
Shapely sidestand extens.
For various models

Rating : 4.07 out of 5

from 39.95

Sale %

With side protection
Extremely robust
Absolute precision fit

Rating : 4.13 out of 5

from 49.95

For mounting on the
footrest bracket
With type approval

Rating : 3.92 out of 5


High-quality, elegant &
CNC-machined for
enhanced ergonomics

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

from 109.95

Ideal addition
to SW-MOTECH Kobra
hand guards

Rating : 4.57 out of 5


Extravagant, futuristic
hand guards for
effective protection.

Rating : 4.09 out of 5

from 109.95

Highly impact protection
for damageable water
cooler fins!

Rating : 3 out of 5

instead of 79.95

from 59.99

Small but extremely
effective part
Easy to install

Rating : 4.75 out of 5

from 39.95

For many enduro models
Reliable protection

Rating : 4 out of 5

from 149.95

For easy turn
signal conversion
For many models

Rating : 4.03 out of 5


Sale %

The shield is 4,5 - 6 mm
and boasts
excellent aerodynamics

Rating : 4.25 out of 5

from 119.99

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