Buy ladies' motorbike gloves online

Women often have considerably smaller hands than men. But that certainly doesn't mean that ladies' motorcycle gloves should be any less sturdy or hard-wearing.
Louis offers a wide range of motorbike gloves specifically designed for female bikers, so you have plenty of choice and can pick whichever style suits you best. At Louis, you will find ladies' motorbike gloves in all price brackets and from top brands like Held, Vanucci and Probiker.

Damen Motorrad Handschuhe

Ladies' motorbike gloves

Of course, the main purpose of motorcycle gloves is to protect your hands. And that applies equally to leather and textile gloves. The first thing is that your gloves should provide suitable protection against all kinds of weather. That can mean keeping out the cold and wind blast, or preventing your hands from overheating when the sun is beating down. Then they have to contend with rain and even hail or snow. At speed, the impact of large insects hitting you knuckles and the back of your hands can be quite uncomfortable. The most important thing of all, though, is that your motorcycle gloves must protect you against all kinds of minor and major injuries, including grazes, cuts and even broken bones in your hands, if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident.

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